7 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Real Estate Advisor

creHere are some reasons why you should consider hiring a commercial property agent to help secure property:

1. Expertise. Good commercial property brokers scour the market on a daily basis. They know the owner of many of the properties in the area and know how willing which landlords are to negotiate and which ones are difficult.

2. Cost of Service. Typically, landlords have built in commissions for buyers and landlord representation. If you elect to not have representation, the budgeted commission goes to the broker negotiating against you, not on your behalf.

3. Time Savings. A good agent knows the market and does not have to start from scratch learning the good areas and good deals.

4. Negotiation. Structuring leases or purchases can be complex. It should help to have someone on your side of the table armed with knowledge on sound structure and market conditions.

5. Space efficiency. Some buildings are more efficient than others. Common areas can consume enormous amounts of space and increase your rent dramatically. A good agent can guide you away from buildings that have huge common area charges (or at least provide an apples to apples comparison) and provide additional insight on to how best to design office layout after you have decided on a location.

6. Data and Tools. Most commercial property agents spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month for reports and market data on sales and leasing trends in their markets.  This can be invaluable when making site selection decisions, discovering where your customers are and how best to logistically position your business.

7. Integrated Services. Legal, interior design, office layout, architectural services. Would you know where to go and who to trust to help you properly set up your business or practice?  Leverage the commercial broker’s network to help you accomplish your goals.


By: ROI Commercial Property Brokerage, Inc.

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