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Clean Juice Sets Up and Takes Off

One of the benefits of working in commercial real estate, is getting to help small businesses achieve their dreams. Often, where they decide to set up shop is one of the most important decisions they make. In the case of Clean Juice, who I met back in 2014, they have seen huge success is a very short time and I’m happy to have advised them.

A Fresh Idea

Pennsylvania natives Landon and Kat Eckles relocated to North Carolina and quickly developed a fresh, new business idea. The couple’s company, Clean Juice, specializes in providing freshly made organic juice products and has been operating in Huntersville’s Birkdale Village since 2014. The Eckles’ are motivated, even going so far as finding their own location for their business, but when it came to reviewing and negotiating the lease for their new property, they needed some advice.

Know Your Lease

For many business owners, reviewing the terms of a lease isn’t always easy and in most cases, is quite different from a residential lease or mortgage agreement. It can be difficult to identify opportunities for negotiation and understand the intricate details that many commercial leases can include. For instance, did you realize that some commercial leases can require you to spend a percentage of your gross sales on marketing and advertising?

“Signing a lease is one of the most crucial decisions a business owner will make,” said Landon. “In my opinion, it is more cumbersome than signing a mortgage. One error could be detrimental to the business.”

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Consulting and representation are two valuable services that a commercial real estate advisor can provide. Explaining the nuances of your lease and negotiating on your behalf will help you obtain the best terms possible.

Making it Work

What many people don’t realize is how much opportunity there is to negotiate changes to a lease. Beyond the specified rate and term, almost all of the language written in the document can be negotiated and changed.

In the case of Landon and Kat, the two sought advice regarding a lease that was originally drafted to heavily favor their landlord. I worked with them to help make sense of their document and identify which aspects of the lease were most important for them to negotiate.

“Working with Doug was an absolute pleasure. He went above and beyond to meet with me multiple times to review each lease edit, made sure I understood the complexities of the lease, and saw the project through to the end,” Landon said.

Growing a Business

Clean Juice is now a booming success in the Charlotte area, even taking to the streets in a nifty Clean Juice food (or juice) truck! Landon and Kat are proud to announce that they will be opening their second Clean Juice location mid-April in Charlotte’s StoneCrest at Piper Glen, followed by a third this May in Concord’s CrossFit Vitality.

“We have been blessed by the success that Clean Juice has achieved in its first year of business,” Eckles said. “We credit much of this prosperity to the team we have assembled, which very much includes Doug as our real estate advisor.”

Clean Juice is also looking to begin franchising future locations. If you are interested in getting involved with a growing company to help provide a healthy product to your community, make sure to check out this opportunity.

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